"Giving glass a second chance at life with a purpose”

Night Lights

Kate is currently creating five styles of night lights, batik, swirl, acid etched, fused and hand painted. They are all made using 100% recycled glass. Each night light is approximately 4” x 2”, and they are available in an assortment of colors.

Candle Holders

Kate’s votive candle holders are made from recycled clear 1 liter liquor bottles. All her candle holders have accent glass which is frosted, wire wrapped and embellished with beads. A glass flowerpot votive with a beaded lifter, helps place the candle in the holder. They are all sealed with a clear acrylic coating so they may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Candle holders are approximately 5 1/2 x 3”.

Fan Pulls

Kate makes the Fan Pulls from all the different colors and pieces of glass that are recycled to her. The glass is all compatible. The fan pull and chain length together is approx. 12”.

Bud Vase

The Bud Vase is made from the neck of a bottle, inverted, and attached to a base of abstract frosted stained glass. Kate embellishes the Bud Vase with wire, glass beads, and a piece of “treasure glass” on the base. The neck is glued to the base and heat cured in the kiln for a consistently secure, permanent connection.


Often I receive glass that is to thick and heavy to work with. In this case, I heat these chunks of glass, then thermal shock them to break them down into a more useable size. This glass is then re-fused into large discs of various colors for the knobs. After fusing, I cut the glass into small 1”-1 1/4” squares, which are sand blasted to remove the sharp edges and then they go back into the kiln to be fired into the finished knob.

Sun Catchers

Sun catchers, 4 piece strand of sand blasted recycled glass, wire wrapped with galvanized steel wire, with glass beads as embellishment. May be used inside or out. Approximately 22”. Sold by the strand. Available with 4, 5, or 6, pieces of glass per strand.
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