Original Knobs

Often I receive glass that is to thick and heavy to work with. In this case, I heat these chunks of glass, then thermal shock them to break them down into a more useable size. This glass is then re-fused into large discs of various colors for the knobs. After fusing, I cut the glass into small 1”-1 1/4” squares, which are sand blasted to remove the sharp edges and then they go back into the kiln to be fired into the finished knob. The hardware is a die-cast satin nickel base, 16mm dia. X 16 mm tall, The base is threaded for a standard 8-32 knob screw to a depth of 1/4″. All knobs come with an 8/32 break off screw that snaps to 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″.

Original: $20.00

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  • Disclaimer

    Because of the nature of the glass I use, all sizes, shapes, and colors used are a representation of availability.